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The New ISBA Programmatic Guide

Written in conjunction with ISBA, Infectious Media has released an updated version of its Programmatic Guide.
Over three volumes, this guide will educate digital marketers in programmatic advertising. It will ask why you need to find out about programmatic advertising. It will tell you what you need to create a programmatic strategy. And it will advise you on how to make your plan a reality.

ISBA Guide to Programmatic Volume 1

Volume 1

Why you need to know about programmatic advertising

An introduction into programmatic advertising

Programmatic is set to account for 80-90% of display ad spend in 2019. This means that advertisers cannot afford to ignore it for risk of being left behind.

Volume One of this guide details what programmatic is, how it works, and the problems it can address.

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ISBA Guide to Programmatic Volume 2

Volume 2

What you need to create a programmatic advertising strategy

For advertisers who need to understand how to start or improve their programmatic advertising

It is apparent that there is an opportunity for marketers to improve the way they are approaching display advertising.

Volume Two shows advertisers how programmatic advertising can overcome many of the challenges digital marketers are experiencing with their online advertising.

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ISBA Guide to Programmatic Volume 1

Volume 3

How to make your programmatic advertising plan a reality

For decision-makers who need to put a plan into action

Volume Three is for advertisers who are looking for advice into the practical application of a plan.

It considers what technology to use, what risks to mitigate against, and the different approaches that are available.

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